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The Scoop New York is New York’s source for companion animal news and advocacy, in New York City, Albany, and around the state.

Among other subjects, TSNY is dedicated to:

  • covering the progress of animal-centric local and state legislation

  • pushing Albany legislators and local governments to budget for companion animals in their care

  • publicizing conditions and kill rates at animal control facilities statewide

  • pressuring law enforcement to prosecute incidents of animal cruelty; in cases where laws against cruelty are weak, TSNY will encourage legislators to strengthen them

  • debunking the no-kill myth propagated by prominent organizations that assign no-kill designations to “shelters” that kill adoptable animals.

Issues relevant to companion animals also matter to those who care for them. For example, companion animals are routinely abused and even killed by perpetrators of domestic violence, which serves to further terrorize abusers’ human victims. TSNY will cover that beat and others where the well-being of families and their companion animals intersect.

TSNY is politically unaffiliated and beholden to none. We will provide untainted coverage of high profile non-profits with eight- and nine-figure budgets, looking behind branded images of cute cat and dog faces to hold such organizations accountable for acting in the best interest of companion animals. Our concern is reality, not public relations.

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About Brad Aaron

TSNY Editor and Publisher Brad Aaron is an award-winning print reporter with more than 20 years on the job. His byline has appeared in publications from New York City to Baltimore to Miami. His reporting has been cited by the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, Politico New York, The Atlantic, Business Insider and many more.

Brad spent 14 years as an editor and reporter in New York City, covering politics, urban planning, transportation and the criminal justice system.

For a time in the aughts, Brad ran a companion animal news web site called Poop City, which is the prototype for TSNY. A part-time, volunteer effort, Poop City was nonetheless one of the top online news sources during the massive pet food recall of 2007, providing vital information to anxious pet guardians across the U.S.

The Scoop New York is published by CH2K Media LLC.

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The Scoop New York is the only news outlet in the state to focus exclusively on the lives of companion animals and the New Yorkers who care for them, from Buffalo to Brooklyn. Independent. Reader supported.


Editor and Publisher, The Scoop New York
Independent, reader-supported companion animal news and advocacy, from Buffalo to Brooklyn.